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Maryland Midland Railway
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Everyone needs a home, or so they say.  I believe if most railfans take a moment, they'll realize they have a "railroad home" of sorts, that being somewhere if they have some free time, it's a favorite place to go or railroad to visit.
Since moving from Atlanta to the Washington, DC area in 2003, I have found a new "railroad home," in addition to my new family home.  The purpose of this page is to share photos from numerous trips to the Maryland Midland Railway, and I will continue to add more as I continue to explore this progressive central Maryland shortline further in depth.
This spot is by no means the closest railfanning opportunity I have; in fact, I have a triple track CSX mainline (the former Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac) about 3 blocks from my house and can see the trains go by at the end of the street.  I can certainly do my share of quick railfanning here if I feel the need, but it just doesn't quite feel like home. 
The MMID, on the other hand, is my closest spot where I know the crews by name and they know me, giving any outting there a special feel that one can comfortably call, well, home.  I hope you all enjoy this special feature road on ShortlinesUSA, and a special thanks to all the folks at the MMID for the hospitality!
Click here to read my feature article, published in The Short Line issue number 177, on the Maryland Midland.  If you are interested in learning more about The Short Line magazine, or contributing news or an article, please visit them at the link on my home page.  You can also learn more about the Maryland Midland by visiting their corporate website at .
--Michael Derrick

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UBHF works hard upgrade at Flint, MD over fresh ballast.

UBEG on the classic street trackage in Union Bridge, MD.

UBST light power set posing at MMID headquarters in Union Bridge, MD.

UBHF passes the classic feed mill in Middleburg, MD on the return trip from Highfield.

UBHF working hard up the 2% grade at Flint, MD.

UBHF passing a farm house in the community of Lantz, MD.

UBHF rounding the horseshoe curve at Sabillasville, MD.

UBST switches Lehigh Cement, awaiting the arrival of UBHF and more power.

UBHF with a short train of 8 loaded "jimmies" at Rocky Ridge, MD.


UBHF on the high bridge crossing Owens Creek at Flint, MD.


Relics of the Western Maryland can still be found on the MMID.  Here, a classic iron station sign at Middleburg, MD.

All photos are copyrighted to Michael Derrick and may not be used without permission